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Salecto is built on SEO First

Did you know that the Salecto-platform is built from the point of view of "SEO First"? This means that our system is built with a number of SEO technical functions which gives our customer's shops the best prerequisites for reaching the top at Google.

I have had a webshop for many years, but it needed a new design and new features. My experience with Salecto has been to at least 6 stars.

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Automatic title tags and meta-descriptions

Title tags and meta-descriptions are the very first thing the user meets when your shop appears in the search results on Google. Therefore, it might be a good idea to optimize this small text towards the user's needs in order to make them choose to click on specifically your shop instead of one of the other search results. Google also uses title tags in order to evaluate the content and range your site on relevant searches. Therefore, it is also important for you to use good keywords in your title tags. At Salecto, title tags and meta-descriptions are filled out automatically according to the category's or product's title. You can also easily fill them out yourself in backend.

Free SSL-certificate

For a long time, Google has evaluated the safety on your site when the rankings in the search results are distributed. With the old HTTPS-connection, there is an increased risk of the data, which is exchanged in the payment process on your site, ending up in the wrong hands, and this is not appreciated by Google. Therefore, it is important for webshops to have a SSL-certificate and a safe, encrypted HTTPS-connection on you site which in the long run also results in better rankings on Google. At Salecto all webshops are by default delivered with a SSL-certificate and a safe HTTPS-connection installed.

SEO-friendly URL's

The structure of a URL is important in relation to informing Google about the content of a site. When you create categories and products, you have to make sure to use good and relevant keywords in the URL because this increases your chances of ranking higher on Google. Furthermore, "clean" URL's with good keywords have the advantage of being user-friendly and appear more credible and guiding towards the user instead of long and encrypted URL's. At the Salecto-platform we have made sure that you as a shop owner can name the URL's of categories and products in backend. You can also choose to let the system name the URL according to the titel of the category or product.

Structured data which follows

Structured data is the new variety within optimizations of your views in Google's search results. Here, you will find a world of possibilities of attracting new customers with data about your shop and products. With structured data, you can e.g. see contact information, reviews, prices, product specifications and much more directly in the search results. This has proven to have a positive effect when it comes to attracting users from Google. At Salecto you can easily activate structured data on your site from backend. All structured data on Salecto follows Google's own standards from

Optimized Robots.txt-file

The Robots.txt-file is used to inform Google about which pages you want visible in the search results. It is good practice to reduce the number of pages you want Google's search robots to spend time reviewing, so it only concerns the pages which are relevant for your customers. The Robots.text-file is also used to block the pages with dublicated content which Google also appreciates. All Salecto webshops are delivered with an optimized Robots.txt-file which is installed to remove pages that are not relevant for Google. In other words, you do not have to think about this yourself.