Kraftfuld e-handelsløsning baseret på Magento

Get the full overview

Salecto has a number of possible configurations - beneath we give you an overview.


Automatic updates

Your Salecto shop will automatically update to the latest version every time a new version is issued from the development team.

Daily backup

A daily backup will automatically be made of your webshop in order for us to be able to recreate the webshop if you experience flaws or problems.

Optimized webhosting

Salecto is hosted on the market's strongest solution which exclusively is optimized to Salecto webshops.

Virus- and hacker monitoring

Salecto monitors and protects from all malware, viruses, hacker attacks and server attacks and secures the operation on more than 99,9%.

Customer login

The Salecto platform by default allows your customers to create a customer login if they so wish. It is optional.

Multishop solution

You can now have more webshops in the same solution! If you e.g. would like to expand to Sweden and Norway, you can manage everything from the same administration and use the same stock, so that everything is gathered in one place.

Product handling

Unlimited products and categories

You have no limitations regarding number of products, categories or content pages.

Up to 25 product variations

You can add up to 25 variations on every product.

Unlimited product pictures on each product

You can add an unlimited number of pictures to your products.

Watermark on product pictures

You can add a watermark on your product pictures if you wish to protect them against copying.

Zoom function on product pictures

As a standard we offer a zoom function on your product pages in order for your customers to have the opportunity to zoom in on your product pictures and see the details.

Sales and news labels on pictures

As a standard we offer both sales and news labels above your pictures on your webshop in order for your customers to quickly see whether a product is on sale or is new.


Google Dynamic Remarketing

The module makes it easy for our customers and ourselves to use Dynamic Remarketing. The module covers the need for a standard e-commerce shop.

Facebook Pixel

Installs a Facebook Pixel on the webshop.

Campaign module

Our advanced campaign module allows for you to easily and effectively create and plan sales campaigns on e.g. selected products, categories or brands.

Google Shopping

Boost your exposure with Google Shopping which presents your products with e.g. picture and price (purchase).


Automate easily the despatch of your newsletters without getting caught in a spam filter and analyze the effect with MailChimp. It requires a direct subscription with MailChimp (purchase).

Customer club

Increase the loyalty of your customers with a customer club and let your customers earn points to use in your webshop when they e.g. sign up for your newsletter, create a customer account or place an order (purchase).