Kraftfuld e-handelsløsning baseret på Magento

Benefits of
Salecto webshops

Salecto is a team of Magento specialists who strive to make your shop the best. Our webshops have a number of unique features which will make it easier for you to sell.

My warmest recommendations for Salecto and its employees! Fast and competent counseling from the most helpful employees.


Salecto is Magento
on rocket fuel

Salecto is based on Magento's Open Source Commerce solution which today houses more than 250.000 webshops worldwide and thereby is the world's biggest open source webshop platform. It houses very small webshops with limited traffic and number of orders and large webshops with massive traffic and thousands of daily orders across countries and markets.

Salecto is an upgrade
Salecto must be seen as an advanced upgrade of a standard Magento solution with bursting new and cool features and optimizations of the standard Magento solution within speed, work processes, marketing, tracking, SEO, design, reporting, basic Magento features and administration. In short, Salecto is - a Magento on rocket fuel!

Salecto – SEO First

Salecto's use of technologies and philosophy for development of our product is closely connected to our focus on creating a platform which sells more for our customers! Therefore, we work with the concept SEO First which is a great part of our philosophy.

We follow Google's recommendations
SEO First means that everything we develop must be in agreement with what Google recommends. Therefore, you receive a clear solution which only focuses on Google's demands and needs, so that we can create the most optimal prerequisites in order for you to accomplish the best rankings on Google and thereby more traffic and more sales!

Mobile first

Most people know the concept Responsive Web Design which covers a mobile-friendly website. The concept "Mobile First" covers something more and is a significant part of our development of Salecto webshops and is part of our SEO First philosphy. Mobile First is ultimately about prioritizing the mobile phone before the desktop.

The Mobile phone in the driver's seat
The mobile phone has overtaken the desktop when it comes to searches on Google and visits on websites and webshops. In view of this, Google crawls on its "mobile-crawl" which means that Google crawls your page according to your mobile phone. Therefore, Google's search index today is primarily built on the basis of mobile phone searches and Google's assessment of the mobile phone version of your site. Therefore, it is obvious that the mobile phone must be prioritized first when it comes to design, user-friendliness and speed. At Salecto we work with the newest technologies within optimization of web for the mobile phone in order to give Salecto's webshops the best prerequisites for topresults on Google.

As a starting point, we follow Google's recommendations and otherwise best practice in the business, and this gives you the most optimal mobile phone view.


Next part of the SEO First philosophy at Salecto is our work with the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is the world's most popular open source framework for building responsive web and mobile first projects.

All webshops are responsive
All of our designs and webshops are built in Bootstrap which gives both us and the customer many advantages towards Google, especially when it comes to showing a responsive website on the mobile phone units.

The Bootstrap framework is updated regularly, so that we continuously can make sure to follow the development and demands of e.g. Google.

Structured data

The last part of our SEO First philosophy is the use of the language schema-org or on danish "structured data". Structured data is invented by a community of search engines, including Google, and it helps them become better at understanding the content of a site.

 Become more visible on Google
Structured data is basicly about talking to "Google" or, said in other words, making it easy for Google to understand the data on your site. It works by informing in the code about the predefined descriptions and information about the data you show to the user.

Structured data is a strong tool to optimize your rankings on Google. At Salecto we follow the rules of structured data as much as possible in order for Salecto webshops to comply with the standards recommended by Google.