Kraftfuld e-handelsløsning baseret på Magento

Magento is for you
who wants to scale

Get a hosted Magento webshop where you do not have to worry about the daily operation or the expensive hours of programming.

I have worked in Magento for many years but have become a big fan of the user-friendliness in the Salecto system.


Let go of your worries with unmatched support.

When you sign up for a webshop solution at Salecto, our team of customer onboarders are ready to welcome you. You will receive a call within a short period of time where an onboarder will go through design, integration of important modules and the final process with you until the shop is ready to go live.

We listen to your needs whether you want an adjustment of one of our standard templates or a special tailored webshop. We help you through the whole process and remind you of important deadlines, so that your webshop is ready before the final deadline.

Multisite - sell internationally

Magento has a unique way of handling online multisites, where you create so-called big views, which are considered to be a unique webshop with a unique frontend, however based on database. Therefore, you can have more webshops which are connected to the same database with products, product information and stock, but where you have the freedom to set it up individually on almost every parameter including products, currency, forms of payment and shipping method. E.g. by using the same product, you can translate it to other languages and thereby "reuse" the same product in more countries and thereby make sure that you always show the correct number of inventory, because it is administrated globally. You distinguish between settings locally and globally. You find specific settings for the webshop locally and settings for the entire system globally which applies across your webshops.

Therefore, Magento has an incredibly easy and simple way of handling multisites, and it gives an easy administration.

Safety and updates

Magento is continuously updated with so-called safety patches which are issued by the Magento organization. Therefore, you are assured that the system continuously adapts to the threats which arise around the world. At Salecto we continuously work on additional initiatives which can secure your webshop and database in the best possible way against threats, and therefore we are always in dialogue with our collaborators about the best prerequisites for securing data across our platform.

Magento API / Integration

Magento has a well-developed API solution which opens up for the opportunity of integrating a number of other systems such as POS systems, inventory systems, accounting systems, PIM systems or something else. Magento API is well-documented and described which makes it easy for a developer to build an integration to the system.

In Salecto we use the API to offer customers the possibility of an integration to external systems in order to optimize workflows and synchronize data.

Magento Marketplace 

There are roughly 150.000 Magento developers worldwide. Together with us they form a strong Magento Community which means that the development of modules goes really fast! Magento is a modular system which can expand through various modules which offer functionality across the system.

This means that you as a user/costumer have access to a lot of functionalities which gives an extreme flexibility in correlation to your needs. The majority is gathered on the Magento Marketplace where developers from all over the world can place their modules online for sale.

At Salecto you will therefore get a platform which never stands still but moves with the speed of light when it comes to developing new features and possibilities. At Salecto we handle third part modules from a variety of conditions which you can read more about here.

Why Salecto
is built on Magento

Salecto SEO

Salecto has added a number of additional SEO functionalities, e.g. management of nofollow links, optimization of URL and canonical links by pagination and filtration, SERP previews, automatic naming of product pictures etc. Read more about Salecto SEO here.

User-friendly URL’s

Google loves clear and user-friendly URL's. Therefore, you will through Magento always experience that it generates clear URL's based on your product names or category names. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to edit these URL's according to your wish across the system.

Naming of pictures

Today, Google picture search is an enormous search engine. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to name your pictures. E.g. you can name your pictures according to products, so that the picture is found by a relevant search.

Canonical links

You can adjust so-called canonical links in order to avoid dublicate content which Google does not like. Canonical links can be used on e.g. identical products which only deviate on colours or sizes.


You can freely edit content for your SERP or meta data on both products, categories and CMS pages. In this way, you can adjust your titles and meta-description to become more catchy for the recipient and to stand out on Google in order to attract more clicks.

301 redirect

Upon relocation and continuously outdated products, you can creat 301 redirects which makes sure that the value of your URL and possibly link value continue on to the new URL.

Unlimited number of products

Regardless of how many products you have created or how many orders you receive, Magento is strong enough to accede to your needs. Magento is able to handle thousands of individual products, and the only limitation to the number of products and orders is the size of your server. This means that if you use Magento from day 1, you do not have to worry about changing platform when your company grows. It is very scalable, so even if you only have a handful of products and daily orders at the moment, you will be prepared for when you grow.

Build for sale

Although most other CMS systems, as e.g. Wordpress, have e-commerce functionality as an addition, Magento is unique because it is built specifically with sales in mind. Therefore, all features are built in order to support your sales.

You can e.g. tailor advanced discount campaigns or discount codes or create both related products or additional sales products in a flexible way which can be shown at different times during the customer's purchasing proces. Customers can create user profiles, save their basket and return later on and finish the purchase or see previous orders.

Inventory management

Magento has strong features in relation to product administration and inventory management which makes it easy to create an overview and edit products. In the administration, you can easily filter forward your products by searching for specific criteria and in that way easily identify the products you want to edit or update.